What is A Goldendoodle?

There are several types of Goldendoodles bred in the United States. Because of their teddy-bear look, their intelligence, and their lack of shedding, they are one of the most popular breeds currently available. In fact, they have consistently been voted one of the most popular breeds on the market.

Our female, Miraflores (“Mira”) is our beautiful F1 light red mini goldendoodle. Her father is an AKC miniature poodle and her mother is an AKC golden retriever. She is truly the sweetest, smartest dog we have ever had. She is 30 lbs and her coat is soft and somewhat wavy with curls. She follows us everywhere we are in the house, loves lots of hugs and kisses, and has proven to be an amazing mother. Her puppies are just beautiful and the color of their coats go anywhere from red to light blonde.

Our male, Cuzco is our sweet F1b light blonde mini goldendoodle. His father is a miniature poodle and his mom is an F1 mini goldendoodle. He weighs also 30 lbs and his hair is curly. He is fun, playful and very cuddly. Because of the light color of his coat, some of his puppies come with abstract markings (white splashes on foreheads, chests and tails)