What is A Goldendoodle?

There are several types of goldendoodles bred in the United States.  Because of their teddy-bear look, their intelligence, and their lack of shedding, they are one of the most popular hybrid breeds currently available.  In fact, they have consistently been voted one of the most popular breeds on the market.

Our female, Miraflores (“Mira”), is an F1 miniature goldendoodle.  Her father is an AKC registered miniature poodle and her mother is an AKC registered golden retriever. 

Our male, Cuzco, is an F1b miniature goldendoodle.  His father is an F1 miniature goldendoodle and his mother is an AKC registered golden retriever.

Their offspring are F2b miniature goldendoodles, also called “multi-generational” goldendoodles.  They are rare, and known for their personalities, intelligence and non-shedding qualities.  While there is no way to tell what their eventual size and weight will be, we estimate that these puppies will be between 30-40 pounds.